These lanterns are the perfect Halloween or fall decoration for your front porch, and they strike the perfect balance between spooky and chic. Luckily, this decoration is also easy on your wallet. You can achieve this haunted mansion look with some tools, a few picture frames, and some cutouts.

What You’ll Need:

  • Picture frames (4 for each lantern you want to make)
  • White vellum paper
  • Black craft paint and spray paint
  • Black duct tape
  • Clear packing tape
  • Votive candles

How to do it:

Remove the backing and the glass from all of your picture frames and set aside for later. Spray paint both sides of the frames and let them dry overnight. While they are drying, search the internet for whatever spooky images you want to show up on your lanterns, size them, and print them on the white vellum paper. Cut the printouts to fit the frame glass, and then secure the printouts to the back of the glass with tape (to prevent wear and tear.) Place the glass back in the frames and secure with the brackets, and then attach the frames to each other with the backs facing up. Stand the frames up once they are attached and place the square over a votive candle, either battery operated or real. Once you light or turn on the candle, the lantern should project whatever images you attached to the frames.

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