This project from LiveLoveDIY is perfect if you want to spend an afternoon on a simple craft, your budget is tight, or you simply like the metallic motif. It is very easy to accomplish with limited supplies, and the end result is stunning. The design used for this tutorial is an ampersand, but you could stencil any design you wanted to get the same effect.

What You’ll Need

  • Canvas (this one uses a 12″ x 12″)
  • Gold push pins (around 700 to start)
  • Pencil

How to Do It

Start by tracing your design onto the canvas. Once you have the outline of your design, you can start pushing in the pins. This tutorial recommends going in small sections, so you can fill the pins out in rows, as it makes it look more even. Once you are happy with the way your pushpins are laying, this tutorial also recommends pounding them down with a hammer, especially if you overlap into the wooden frame of the canvas. This will ensure that they are all laying flat and prevent them from popping off if you go to hang it up. After that, you are done! One of the best things about this project is that there is no wait time for materials to dry before you can start enjoying your art.


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