Owning your first home comes with a lot of responsibilities that you might not have had to deal with before, especially if you are transitioning from a rental or living with your family. You will need to think about home maintenance, living comfortably, and expressing your own sense of style as you decorate your home. But, there are some necessities that come first, even before you finish unpacking from the move. Here are 5 things we think every new homeowner needs.

  1. A tool box – This is not only a wise investment for life in general, but also a crucial one if you are moving into your first owned home. There is not a landlord around anymore to fix things that go wrong, so having a stocked toolbox will be a lifesaver for any little mishaps or repairs that need fixing. These tend to pop up within the first few weeks of moving before you are used to the house yet, so make sure to have one before you move.
  2. Cleaning materials – These will also be important to have easy access to when you are first moving in, especially if the house has been vacant for a little while. It will give you peace of mind to be able to clean anything that you need to right away, so you should stock up on supplies. Especially considering that when you buy a home, there often isn’t a cleaning service that goes in and cleans like there is in rentals.
  3. Toilet paper – This one might seem self-explanatory, but it is cited as one of the top things that people forget when they move. And, once you need it, you don’t want to be caught without it.
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